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Unauthorised oil drilling in Brockham?

Concerned Dorking and Surrey environmentalists are currently battling against the application by Angus Energy to revive its unauthorised oil well in Brockham, Surrey.

The well was drilled in 2017 by Angus Energy allegedly without proper consent and has been contested by Surrey County Council, both sides appointed legal representation and a legal battle has been underway resulting in conditions being put in place by the council.

The oil site in Brockham, at Felton’s Farm, is within the protected area of Green Belt and on the edge of the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Many local businesses, charities and religious groups have voiced their concerns over the uses of aggressive methods like acid and water injection.

A meeting is planned with the Regulatory and Planning Committee on 8 August.

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Earthquakes in Surrey

Dorking and surrounding areas inhabitants have been experiencing earthquakes in what has been named the "Surrey Swarm".

The most recent quake was felt in Newdigate on the 18th July at 0500 and measured 1.7 on the Richter scale at a depth of 1km

Surrey's earthquake swarm summary:

  • Three tremors felt on 1 April. The first had a magnitude of 2.7, a second within minutes came in at 1.8 and the third, an hour later, measured 1.7
  • The fourth quake on 28 April measured 1.5
  • The fifth on 27 June measured 2.6
  • The sixth tremor on 29 June registered 2.4
  • The largest of the quakes on 5 July measured 3.0
  • The most recent 1.7 tremor near Newdigate was described as a "weak thud" by people nearby

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