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Our aim at Elemental Heating

Reduce energy usage

Elemental Heating is dedicated to reducing energy use by installing the most efficient and reliable products for each application.  A new boiler will only be as good as its controls and application.

Services we offer

Save money

We all want to spend as little as possible heating our homes, we all want our systems to last longer without breaking down and we want to stay warm without erratic temperature fluctuation. 

Tips on saving money

Lower Maintenance

We love our customers but we don't want to see you too often.  Reliability goes hand in hand with product selection.  We have tried and tested most to ensure longevity in our installations.

Maintenance costs




All new domestic appliances are rated in efficiency, this gives their optimum fuel efficiency but the way they are installed can have a dramatic impact on whether this is achieved.  If identical boilers were fitted in identical homes, one had basic controls and the other had modulating controls the fuel use in the second home would be significantly lower. 

The installation cost is often no different.



Modulating controls don't only save money, with the right mix of appliances and controls your home can be engineered to be warm at the times you need and for the least fuel use.  Modern modulating controls will maintain optimum efficiency by increasing run times and lowering the cycling of the boiler.  This also leads to a more comfortable home. 

It really is a win/win situation.


The cheapest installer is not always the one who charges the least.
— Anon

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